Recreational Boating AIS Prevention Programs



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Agency staff greatly benefit by establishing working partnerships with local groups, as this extends the reach of parts of the agency’s program without requiring significant additional capacity from the agency itself. This category examines if the relevant management agency efficiently coordinates with external partners to implement and manage recreational boating AIS prevention programs.

Status of Program Components by Jurisdiction

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Program component has been implemented in this jurisdiction

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Program ComponentIndianaMichiganMinnesotaNew YorkOhioOntarioQuébecWisconsin
Coordination with non-agency partners on inspection and decontamination
Coordination with non-agency partners on outreach
Leadership of partner activities
Dedicated funding for partner activities
Regulatory: The relevant state/provincial agency has legal authority over local watercraft inspection/decontamination programs, and local programs may not be more stringent than state/provincial programs

Italicized program components are regulatory