Recreational Boating AIS Prevention Programs

Partnerships: Wisconsin


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Coordination with non-agency partners on inspection and decontamination

Local organizations hire inspectors for ramps at lake associations/other non-DNR managed access points. Contracts with other groups provides inspectors at priority lakes outside of the grant program, such as Lake Winnebago and the Great Lakes

Coordination with non-agency partners on outreach

Local AIS coordinators support, train, and provide outreach materials to local staff and inspectors. These AIS coordinators provide leadership and a local support network for partners

Leadership of partner activities

As part of the grant/contact requirements, partners must follow/comply with DNR guidance and submit all required DNR reporting forms. Education and outreach activities are coordinated through local AIS coordinators.

Dedicated funding for partner activities

Wisconsin funds a grant program for lake organizations who wish to hire inspectors.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY The relevant state/provincial agency has legal authority over local watercraft inspection/decontamination programs, and local programs may not be more stringent than state/provincial programs

Local governments may enact ordinances applicable on state waters within their jurisdictions to preserve natural resources as long as such ordinances are not contrary or inconsistent with state law or DNR regulations. Local governments are also eligible to apply for funding to operate watercraft inspection programs.