Tracking the region’s progress toward shared goals for the Great Lakes

Issues we’re focused on to create better outcomes for communities, ecosystems and the regional economy

Lake Erie Algae (ErieStat) icon

Lake Erie Algae (ErieStat)

Governments are working together to reduce the nutrient phosphorus, which causes problems for our shallowest Great Lake.

Aquatic Invasive Species icon

Aquatic Invasive Species

Tracking regional progress to prevent introduction, spread, and harmful impacts of aquatic invasive species.

Drinking Water icon

Drinking Water

Examining the complex systems providing drinking water for over 48 million people in the United States and Canada.

Climate Resiliency icon

Climate Resiliency

Sharing information to build resilience and adaptive capacity throughout the Great Lakes

Maritime Transportation icon

Maritime Transportation

Tracking progress toward goals for the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River Maritime Transportation System

Coastal Wetlands icon

Coastal Wetlands

Tracking the region’s progress in restoring critical wetland ecosystems in the Great Lakes basin.