Recreational Boating AIS Prevention Programs

Partnerships: Indiana


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Program component has been implemented in this jurisdiction

Program component has not yet been implemented in this jurisdiction

Program Component



Coordination with non-agency partners on inspection and decontamination

Inspections are not implemented in Indiana

Coordination with non-agency partners on outreach

The Clean Marina program run by the Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management provides recreational boating AIS prevention information in their guidebooks, and Indiana DNR presents on prevention and outreach efforts at annual marina meetings

Leadership of partner activities

The Clean Marina program follows IN DEM and IN DNR guidance and expectations

Dedicated funding for partner activities

Yes; the Clean Marina program procures their own Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! Materials through a GLRI grant

LOCAL GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY The relevant state/provincial agency has legal authority over local watercraft inspection/decontamination programs, and local programs may not be more stringent than state/provincial programs

Indiana does not provide for this in state statute