Recreational Boating AIS Prevention Programs

Partnerships: Minnesota


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Coordination with non-agency partners on inspection and decontamination

Authority to inspect boats is delegated to local units of government. The delegation agreement process gives LGU inspection programs the same statutory authority that DNR inspectors posess. LGU inspectors are required to attend an annual DNR training, and are required to follow all DNR procedures and protocols. This helps standardize the inspection process boaters experience statewide.

Coordination with non-agency partners on outreach

Included as part of county-aid funding for inspectors. DNR employs two full-time AIS planners that provide technical guidance to all counties receiveing county-aid funding.

Leadership of partner activities

The inspector framework requires local units of government to follow DNR protocols, although they do have the flexibility to manage their own program otherwise. Pilot projects can also be proposed and authorized with DNR approval.

Dedicated funding for partner activities

County-aid funding is provided to local units of government for prevention activities in this pathway

LOCAL GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY The relevant state/provincial agency has legal authority over local watercraft inspection/decontamination programs, and local programs may not be more stringent than state/provincial programs

DNR may enter into delegation agreements with tribal or local governments and authorize them to operate inspection programs. The delegation agreement requires all inspection programs to follow all DNR protocols and procedures.