Recreational Boating AIS Prevention Programs

Partnerships: New York


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Coordination with non-agency partners on inspection and decontamination

NYS DEC and New York State Parks Recreation & Historic Preservation provide oversight for the watercraft inspector steward programs. Large programs are run by the PRISMs (DEC) and ESF (Parks) and the Adirondack Watershed Institute (DEC). Some lake associations have inspection programs that are funded through DEC grants and private funds.

Coordination with non-agency partners on outreach

Standard outreach materials are distributed through PRISMs, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and SWCDs.

Leadership of partner activities

Outreach materials are developed by NYS DEC and the framework of the inspector program is co-led by NYS DEC and State Parks. DEC provides oversight for all PRISM activities as well as grantee activities.

Dedicated funding for partner activities

NYS DEC contracts directly with PRISMs for work, NYS State Parks contracts with SUNY ESF

LOCAL GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY The relevant state/provincial agency has legal authority over local watercraft inspection/decontamination programs, and local programs may not be more stringent than state/provincial programs

In some cases the local program is more stringent (e.g. Schroon Lake)