Recreational Boating AIS Prevention Programs

Inspection and Decontamination


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Inspection and decontamination refers to the process of checking all parts of a boat to ensure that it is not carrying any invasive species and appropriately cleaning a boat if it is. This category examines how the relevant management agency implements watercraft inspection and decontamination programs throughout their jurisdiction.

Status of Program Components by Jurisdiction

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Program ComponentIndianaMichiganMinnesotaNew YorkOhioOntarioQuébecWisconsin
Implementation of inspections
Implementation of self-inspection at launch points
Availability of decontamination infrastructure
Regulatory: A watercraft inspection and decontamination program (or elements thereof) is authorized
Regulatory: The possession, movement, or transport of aquatic invasive species is prohibited
Regulatory: The relevant state/provincial agency has authority to stop, detain, and/or inspect boats and/or establish inspection stations
Regulatory: Designated personnel of the relevant state/provincial agency have authority to decontaminate a boat based on the presence or suspected presence of AIS, as determined during an inspection
Regulatory: There is a legal mandate for boaters to decontaminate their boats, regardless of whether or not inspection stations or decontaminations services are available
Regulatory: The relevant state/provincial agency has legal authority to establish an inspection/decontamination certification program for the purpose of reciprocity with other jurisdictions for inspection/decontamination responsibilities
Regulatory: Mandatory drying periods can be imposed via administrative orders or impoundment of a boat
Regulatory: Launching a boat into waters of the state without first complying with all relevant AIS prevention regulations is prohibited

Italicized program components are regulatory