Recreational Boating AIS Prevention Programs

Inspection/Decontamination: Minnesota


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Implementation of inspections

Inspections are implemented in MN and inspectors have the authority to require inspection

Implementation of self-inspection at launch points

Minnesota educates on personal responsibility and teaches boaters to inspect their equipment before placing, or after removing the equipment. Self inspection is not monitored or recorded.

Availability of decontamination infrastructure

Decontamination stations are available in MN. MN DNR staffs 23 decontamination units statewide, prioritizing high-use zebra mussel infested waters. Local units of government also have the ability to purchase decontamination equipment and MN DNR will train and authorize their staff to conduct decontaminaions as long as the equipment meets MN DNR minimum standards (derived from UMPS III). DNR and partner organizations can advertize the location of their equipment on a dnr website:

LEGISLATIVE FINDINGS A watercraft inspection and decontamination program (or elements thereof) is authorized

MN DNR is authorized to require mandatory inspections before a person places or removes water-related equipment into or out of a water body. Further, MN DNR conservation officers and other licensed peace officers are authorized to utilize check stations at or near locations where watercraft or other water-related equipment are placed into or removed from waters of the state. There are two levels of watercraft inspector in Minnesota. Level 1 inspectors can inspect a watercraft and order the watercraft operator to remove aquatic macrophytes and prohibited aquatic invasive species from the watercraft prior to launch into Minnesota waters. Level 2 inspectors have the same authority and can also use hot water high-pressure wash stations to decontaminate the watercraft

PROHIBIT POSSESSION AND TRANSPORT The possession, movement, or transport of aquatic invasive species is prohibited

A person may not possess, import, purchase, sell, propagate, transport or introduce a prohibited invasive species unless authorized by DNR

AUTHORITY TO INSPECT CONVEYANCES The relevant state/provincial agency has authority to stop, detain, and/or inspect boats and/or establish inspection stations

MN DNR is authorized to establish check stations and conduct inspections of water-related equipment. Compliance with aquatic invasive species inspection requirements is an express condition of operating or transporting water-related equipment. (MS 84D.105)

DECONTAMINATION Designated personnel of the relevant state/provincial agency have authority to decontaminate a boat based on the presence or suspected presence of AIS, as determined during an inspection

Watercraft inspectors, conservation officers, or other peace officers may order the removal of aquatic macrophytes or prohibited invasive species from water-related equipment before it is placed into waters of the state.

RESPONSIBILITIES There is a legal mandate for boaters to decontaminate their boats, regardless of whether or not inspection stations or decontaminations services are available

Minnesota law states that compliance with inspection requirements is an express condition of operating or transporting water-related equipment

CERTIFICATION The relevant state/provincial agency has legal authority to establish an inspection/decontamination certification program for the purpose of reciprocity with other jurisdictions for inspection/decontamination responsibilities

MN DNR does not have a certification program for other entities outside the State

DRYING TIME Mandatory drying periods can be imposed via administrative orders or impoundment of a boat

A MN DNR conservation officer or licensed peace officer, however, can confine water-related equipment at a mooring, dock, or other location until the water-related equipment is removed from the water

PROHIBIT PLACEMENT Launching a boat into waters of the state without first complying with all relevant AIS prevention regulations is prohibited

Inspectors are authorized to prohibit a boat from launching if the individual refuses to submit to an inspection or refuses to remove and dispose of AIS, aquatic macrophytes, or water. There are also general launching restrictions. No person may place or attempt to place into waters of the state water-related equipment that has aquatic macrophytes or prohibited invasive species attached.