Recreational Boating AIS Prevention Programs

Inspection/Decontamination: New York


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Program Component



Implementation of inspections

Inspections are implemented in New York but are not mandatory prior to launch in any waterbody except Lake George

Implementation of self-inspection at launch points

Self-inspections are encouraged whenever launching a watercraft, as stewards cannot be deployed to all waterbodies

Availability of decontamination infrastructure

Decontamination stations are present at many boat inspection stations. In instances where a decontamination station is not present, stewards will direct boaters to the nearest location (applies mostly to the Adirondacks)

LEGISLATIVE FINDINGS A watercraft inspection and decontamination program (or elements thereof) is authorized

Implemented, but inspection and decontamination are not mandatory at boat launches outside of Lake George

PROHIBIT POSSESSION AND TRANSPORT The possession, movement, or transport of aquatic invasive species is prohibited

“(b) Except as otherwise provided by this Part, no person shall knowingly possess with the intent to sell, import, purchase, transport, or introduce any prohibited invasive species. (c) Except as otherwise provided by this Part, no person shall sell, import, purchase, transport, introduce or propagate any prohibited invasive species.” Furthermore, “(b) Except as otherwise provided by this Part, no person shall knowingly introduce into a free-living state or introduce by a means that one knew or should have known would lead to the introduction into a free-living state any regulated invasive species, although such species shall be legal to possess, sell, buy, propagate and transport.”

AUTHORITY TO INSPECT CONVEYANCES The relevant state/provincial agency has authority to stop, detain, and/or inspect boats and/or establish inspection stations

All inspections (other than at Lake George) are voluntary and courtesy

DECONTAMINATION Designated personnel of the relevant state/provincial agency have authority to decontaminate a boat based on the presence or suspected presence of AIS, as determined during an inspection

Not implemented; however, it is mandatory to decontaminate boats prior to launching in Lake George. Elsewhere, boat stewards may perform decontamination for boaters, but cannot require such service

RESPONSIBILITIES There is a legal mandate for boaters to decontaminate their boats, regardless of whether or not inspection stations or decontaminations services are available

Boaters are required to decontaminate their boats

CERTIFICATION The relevant state/provincial agency has legal authority to establish an inspection/decontamination certification program for the purpose of reciprocity with other jurisdictions for inspection/decontamination responsibilities

NYSDEC does not have this authority

DRYING TIME Mandatory drying periods can be imposed via administrative orders or impoundment of a boat

Recommended drying times are 5 days in summer. 3 days at subfreezing temperatures . Cannot enforce. However, some form of drying before launching into a new waterbody is required.

PROHIBIT PLACEMENT Launching a boat into waters of the state without first complying with all relevant AIS prevention regulations is prohibited

NY Department of Environmental Conservation regulations prohibit the launching of undrained boats, or boats and trailers with visible plant and animal material attached to them at any NYSDEC boat launch facility