Recreational Boating AIS Prevention Programs

Agency Capacity


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The extent and maturity of any AIS prevention program is contingent upon that capacity of that agency to support prevention and management activities. This category examines if the relevant management agency in each jurisdiction has sufficient capacity, including funding, personnel, and authority, to implement and manage recreational boating AIS prevention programs.

Status of Program Components by Jurisdiction

Click on a dot below to learn more about how a component is being implemented in a given jurisdiction or current barriers to implementation if that component is not in place.


Program component has been implemented in this jurisdiction

Program component has not yet been implemented in this jurisdiction

Program ComponentIndianaMichiganMinnesotaNew YorkOhioOntarioQuébec Wisconsin
Dedicated/pathway-specific funding
Pathway-specific dedicated time for program staff
Pathway-specific dedicated time for outreach staff
Pathway-specific dedicated time for law enforcement officers
Specific AIS training for law enforcement officers
Regulatory: A dedicated fund to support implementation and/or maintenance of a watercraft inspection/decontamination program is established through legal provisions
Regulatory: State-/province-managed boating access points can be closed and boating activities restricted if necessary to respond to an aquatic invasive species threat in that body of water
Regulatory: Penalties for violations of all relevant AIS prevention regulations are established

Italicized program components are regulatory