Recreational Boating AIS Prevention Programs

Agency Capacity: Ontario


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Program component has been implemented in this jurisdiction

Program component has not yet been implemented in this jurisdiction

Program Component



Dedicated/pathway-specific funding

OMNRF has dedicated funding to support outreach initiatives associated with recreational boating

Pathway-specific dedicated time for program staff

OMNRF staff are dedicated to policy development associated with the pathway. There are no rules requiring inspection/decontamination for recreational boating specifically in the province – so therefore no staff are dedicated to this specific action

Pathway-specific dedicated time for outreach staff

OMNRF staff are dedicated to conducting outreach initiatives on this pathway

Pathway-specific dedicated time for law enforcement officers

Time not dedicated directly to rules associated with recreational boating and movement of AIS

Specific AIS training for law enforcement officers

Officers are trained to enforce Ontario’s AIS laws and regulations. Where there are rules that affect boating (e.g. transport of prohibited aquatic plants on boats) – this training is also conducted

FUNDING A dedicated fund to support implementation and/or maintenance of a watercraft inspection/decontamination program is established through legal provisions

A fund is not in place at this time

CLOSURE OF WATERS State-/province-managed boating access points can be closed and boating activities restricted if necessary to respond to an aquatic invasive species threat in that body of water

The Invasive Species Act does allow for this, but this power has not been exercised to date

PENALTIES Penalties for violations of all relevant AIS prevention regulations are established

Penalties are in place