Recreational Boating AIS Prevention Programs

Agency Capacity: Indiana


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Program component has been implemented in this jurisdiction

Program component has not yet been implemented in this jurisdiction

Program Component



Dedicated/pathway-specific funding

Dedicated funding is not available for this pathway in Indiana.

Pathway-specific dedicated time for program staff

Staff time is not dedicated to this pathway due to AIS program management priorities and limited staff.

Pathway-specific dedicated time for outreach staff

State ANS management plan grant funding specifically supports staffing of the regional Great Lakes AIS Landing Blitz and similar activities (note that these events are not a year long programs).

Pathway-specific dedicated time for law enforcement officers

Law enforcement officers do not spend dedicated time working in this pathway in Indiana

Specific AIS training for law enforcement officers

Specialized AIS training is not provided for law enforcement officers due to law enforcement management priorities.

FUNDING A dedicated fund to support implementation and/or maintenance of a watercraft inspection/decontamination program is established through legal provisions

The Indiana Code provides for the establishment of the “Invasive Species Council Fund.” This group does not directly manage funding, but it does carry certain powers under Indiana law.

CLOSURE OF WATERS State-/province-managed boating access points can be closed and boating activities restricted if necessary to respond to an aquatic invasive species threat in that body of water

While not specifically written in state code, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources does have emergency rule-making authority that was used to close state waters during a previous discovery of the invasive plant Hydrilla. This emergency rule making authority lies with the DNR’s Division of Entomology and Plant Pathology and is typically used to close waters due to a threat to human health, but can also be used under the authority of DNR-DEPP for prevention of a plant pest.

PENALTIES Penalties for violations of all relevant AIS prevention regulations are established

AIS rules are in place prohibiting the possession and transportation of listed species (the exotic fish list and prohibited aquatic plants). Indiana Conservation Law Enforcement can enforce these rules by issuing a ticket if someone is in possession of a listed species or if they are transporting on/in a trailer or boat a listed prohibited plant species. Those penalties are defined depending on the violation.