Recreational Boating AIS Prevention Programs

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Dedicated/pathway-specific funding

The MN DNR invasive species program receives dedicated funding via our invasive species account. This includes funding from a $5 surcharge on watercraft registration (valid for three years), a $5 fee on non-resident fishing licenses, and monies appropriated during the biennium.

Pathway-specific dedicated time for program staff

Minnesota DNR has staff time specifically dedicated to managing this pathway. Minnesota employs 1 full-time statewide coordinator, 4 full-time inspection regional supervisors, 4 seasonal regional program assistants, and two seasonal trainers. We are in the process of filling an additional full-time trainer position.

Pathway-specific dedicated time for outreach staff

Minnesota DNR employs two planner positions that help provide technical guidance to Local Government AIS programs. These staff also work to keep outreach publications up-to-date.

Pathway-specific dedicated time for law enforcement officers

The Division of Enforcement employs six water-resource enforcement officers (WREOs) which spend dedicated time related to AIS issues. They are funded partially via the invasive species account. In 2019 conservation officers provided 12,578 hours of AIS enforcement.

Specific AIS training for law enforcement officers

WREOs provide AIS training to local law enforcement regarding AIS statues and violations. This training is offered free of charge, and counts for POST credits.

FUNDING A dedicated fund to support implementation and/or maintenance of a watercraft inspection/decontamination program is established through legal provisions

The Minnesota legislature has created an Invasive Species Account within the Natural Resources Fund. Money received from surcharges on watercraft licenses, civil penalties, and service provider permits are deposited in the Invasive Species Account. Funds are to be used for management of invasive species and implementation of Chapter 84D (invasive species).

CLOSURE OF WATERS State-/province-managed boating access points can be closed and boating activities restricted if necessary to respond to an aquatic invasive species threat in that body of water

DNR is authorized to include in the statewide invasive species management plan provisions for closing points of access to infested waters if determined necessary. Such closures may not exceed seven days during the open water season for control and eradication

PENALTIES Penalties for violations of all relevant AIS prevention regulations are established

Minnesota law authorizes both civil and criminal penalties. Individuals convicted of violations under the invasive species chapter involving water-related equipment must successfully complete a training course developed by DNR that addresses identification of AIS and best practices to prevent the spread when moving water-related equipment (effective 7-1-2015).