Source water planning

Source Water Policy – Ohio


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Program ComponentStatus
Community water systems are required to implement source water protection plansWhile the Source Water Assessment and Protection Program can be voluntary, it is required for new and expanding CWSs in the state of Ohio.
Community water systems are encouraged to implement source water protection plansThe Ohio EPA offers guidance documents for parties interested in developing a local drinking water source protection plan for their municipal public water system.
Funding is available to implement plans
The Drinking Water Assistance Fund provides funds for source water protection plans.
Periodic updates to plans are required
For a CWS required by rule to submit a protection plan, periodic updates are also required by rule in the state of Ohio.
For FY 2024, the State Revolving Fund program utilized set-aside funding for source water protection programsWellhead protection projects and on-going implementation of Ohio’s Source Water Protection program are funded through the Drinking Water Assistance Fund set-aside resources.
Monitoring sources of drinking water accessed through private wells is required The Ohio Department of Health requires that the water provided from private well systems be tested for a few basic contaminants upon completion of the private water systems construction.
Funding is available to mitigate compromised sources of drinking water accessed through private wellsThe state of Ohio does not provide funding to mitigate issues with compromised private wells.


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