Source Water Planning

Source Water Policy-Minnesota


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Groundwater protection planning is required

Groundwater protection planning is required for CWS in the state of Minnesota.

Watershed scale protection planning is required

Minnesota source water protection is not required to the watershed scale.

Dedicated protection plans are required at the community water supply scale

Wellhead protection planning programs are required for the state of Minnesota.

Dedicated funding is available to implement plans

Funding is available through a Source Water Protection Plan Implementation Grant.

Periodic updates to plans are required

According to Minnesota Rules 4720.5570, a public water supplier must review and amend a wellhead protection plan every ten years from the date of the last approval of a plan by the department.

In the U.S. for Fiscal Year 2022, State Revolving Fund set-asides were used for source water protection programs

Minnesota makes partial use of SRF set-asides for source water protection. The state uses set-aside funding for staffing and contracts with Minnesota Rural Water Association, who are partners in SWP work in Minnesota.