Source water planning

Source Water Policy – Michigan


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Program ComponentStatus
Community water systems are required to implement source water protection plansWellhead protection is voluntary and implemented at the local level for the state of Michigan.
Community water systems are encouraged to implement source water protection plansMichigan assists local communities utilizing groundwater and surface water for their municipal drinking water supply systems in protecting their water source.
Funding is available to implement plans
Source Water Protection Grants are available for local source water protection programs.
Periodic updates to plans are required
In Michigan, periodic updates are not a requirement for source water protection plans.
For FY 2024, the State Revolving Fund program utilized set-aside funding for source water protection programs“In 1996, amendments to the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act created the Drinking Water Revolving Fund. The Federal Government allows for set-asides from the Revolving Fund to support the Source Water Protection Grant Program to provide financial assistance for local source water protection programs.”
Monitoring sources of drinking water accessed through private wells is required Testing is required initially to demonstrate that the water is free of coliform bacteria before the well is put into service in Michigan.
Funding is available to mitigate compromised sources of drinking water accessed through private wellsThe state of Michigan does not provide funding to mitigate issues with compromised private wells.


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