Source Water Planning

Source Water Policy- Ontario


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Groundwater protection planning is required

Groundwater protection planning is not required for CWS in the province of Ontario.

Watershed scale protection planning is required

Source Protection Plans are performed at the Source Protection Region (SPR) and Source Protection Area (SPA) level, based on watershed boundaries.

Dedicated protection plans are required at the community water supply scale

“The Clean Water Act ensures communities protect their drinking water supplies through prevention – by developing collaborative, watershed-based source protection plans that are locally driven and based on science.”

Dedicated funding is available to implement plans

There is no source of funding for source water protection plan implementation.

Periodic updates to plans are required

“Municipalities, source protection authorities, local health boards, the Province and others, are implementing source protection plan policies, and are reporting on progress on a yearly basis.”

In the U.S. for Fiscal Year 2022, State Revolving Fund set-asides were used for source water protection programs