Recreational Boating AIS Prevention Programs

Outreach: Ohio


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Program Component



Implementation of a state/province-wide outreach campaign

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! Trash Unused Bait

Consistency of messaging with best management practices

Clean, Drain, Dry

Ongoing, “passive” outreach resources for boaters

Clean, Drain, Dry signage posted at all public boat ramps, OH Field guide to AIS

Temporary, targeted outreach to boaters

All boaters born after 1/1/1981 and operating a boat over 10 hp must pass a boater education course. As part of this course, ANS education focusing on Clean, Drain, Dry is presented in various formats. Ohio also implements a Clean Boater pledge program where boaters sign a voluntary pledge to take action for water quality. A number of voluntary best practices, including cleaning, draining, and drying boats, are provided as part of the pledge. Targeted outreach is also conducted during the annual regional AIS Landing Blitz focused on preventing the spread of AIS through the recreational boating pathway

Outreach to associated audiences and industries

OH Sea Grant conducts outreach at boat shows throughout the state, individual presentations to bass fisherman associations, other interested groups, yacht clubs, boat clubs, US power squadron, USCG auxilliary groups