Recreational Boating AIS Prevention Programs

Outreach: Minnesota


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Program Component



Implementation of a state/province-wide outreach campaign

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!

Consistency of messaging with best management practices

Clean, Drain, Dry. Minnesota DNR also uses Clean, Drain, Dispose as a primary messaging – focusing on the three aspects of prevention that are legally required (clean plants, AIS; drain all water; dispose of unwanted bait in the trash).

Ongoing, “passive” outreach resources for boaters

Boat ramp signs and billboard signage

Temporary, targeted outreach to boaters

The first priority for the inspection program is education, and inspectors are trained to educate boaters with regard to AIS as well as how to properly inspect their specific watercraft. This outreach is targeted at public water accesses from April through October. Additional targeted outreach is conducted during the annual regional AIS Landing Blitz focused on preventing the spread of AIS through the recreational boating pathway. MN DNR staff, MN Sea Grant, and numerous local partners speak with boaters at boat ramps during the event, educating them about AIS prevention efforts and how to effectively reduce spread through cleaning, draining, and drying boats. Some partner LGU organizations have also started pilot projects to work with local resorts and marinas to train their staff to inspect watercraft utilizing their private accesses. This has been helpful to target boaters that may not typically encounter inspectors due to the use of private accesses.

Outreach to associated audiences and industries

MN DNR participated in American Boat & Yacht Council’s AIS guidance document for watercraft manufacturers.