The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River maritime transportation system is vital for the U.S. and Canadian national economies. In 2016 the Conference of Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Governors and Premiers released the Strategy for the Great Lakes- St. Lawrence River Maritime Transportation System, which established shared priorities and recommended policies and projects to invigorate the regional maritime transportation system. Blue Accounting is tracking progress toward the priorities established in strategy to help better understand how our actions are impacting the economic and environmental performance of the maritime transportation system.

194 Million

Metric Tons of cargo volume carried in 2017

$73 Billion

Value of cargo carried in 2017 ($95 billion Canadian)


cruise passengers in 2018

Download the Blue Accounting Maritime fact sheet here.

The Blue Accounting maritime transportation work group established the following high-level goals for the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River maritime transportation system:

  • Goal 1: Increase maritime traffic and trade

  • Goal 2: Increase the system’s efficiency and performance

  • Goal 3: Continue improving the environmental performance of the system

Blue Accounting developed metrics and collected data to track progress toward achieving these goals. This is complemented by a comprehensive summary of key maritime transportation strategies and investments to help elected officials, industry leaders and others understand how we are managing and investing in our regional maritime transportation system.

More About Maritime Transportation

Why It Matters

The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River maritime transportation system links more than 100 U.S. and Canadian ports to each other and the world economy.

Who’s Involved

Blue Accounting is working with key U.S. and Canadian agencies and maritime industry organizations to guide its work on maritime transportation.

How we Work

Blue Accounting is collecting and presenting data and information to track progress toward key goals for the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River maritime transportation system.

Components of the Great Lakes and St.Lawrence River Maritime Transportation System

Ports, route vessels and the Welland canal enable the Maritime Transportation system within the Great Lakes and St.Lawrence River.