Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands provide services worth billions of dollars. They filter water that flows into the Great Lakes.  They protect coastal communities.  They support fish and wildlife that are critical to the economy.  What are we doing to take care of our Great Lakes wetlands?


of coastal wetlands have been lost since turn of 20th century 


acres of wetlands protected, restored or enhanced from 2010-2021

$191 Million +

invested in coastal wetlands since 2010

Download the Blue Accounting Coastal Wetlands fact sheet here

We collaborate with the Great Lakes Coastal Assembly in tracking progress towards these goals:

  • Goal 1: Coastal wetlands will support a sustainable assemblage of native species, including priority species
  • Goal 2: Coastal wetlands will support diverse wetland types that are resilient and adaptable to changing conditions
  • Goal 3: Coastal wetlands will support sustainable economic and social benefits complementary to ecological benefits

As a result:

  • Goal 4: People in the Great Lakes recognize benefits of, and engage in the protection, restoration and conservation of, coastal wetlands


More About Coastal Wetlands

How We Collaborate

Blue Accounting works closely with the Great Lakes Coastal Assembly to develop shared goals and metrics, and to track progress towards those benchmarks.

Who’s Involved

The Great Lakes Coastal Assembly is a cross-agency team working together to conserve and restore lands and waters in the critically important coastal zones of the Great Lakes.

Where We Work

The Assembly represents managers and practitioners from across the Great Lakes Basin.