The Coastal Assembly takes an adaptive approach in pursuing strategies to improve collaboration, establish basin-wide conservation goals, track progress, and adjust actions on a regular basis.

Identify and bring together agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), university staff, and resources to participate in a working group. Click to learn more

  • Create a working group representing various coastal wetland constituencies
  • Build trust, partnership and commitment in a clear governance structure
  • Connect with other coastal partnership efforts within the region
  • Pilot a coastal wetlands program encompassing Saginaw Bay to western Lake Erie, eventually expanding on this to engage with wetlands stakeholders basin-wide

Integrate priorities from Great Lakes Coastal Assembly (GLCA) members and existing plans to create high-level goals, metrics, and strategies for coastal wetlands.  Click to learn more

  • Support group processes to identify coastal wetland goals that incorporate regional planning and agency priorities
  • Develop and conduct a collaborative goal setting process
  • Develop metrics with measurable targets
  • Identify strategic locations for implementing protection, restoration, and enhancement projects

Align regional knowledge and capacity with shared goals to create change. Click to learn more

  • Develop a plan to implement the right practices in the right places
  • Develop and pursue a plan to fill science and knowledge gaps
  • Establish and promote best management practices for coastal wetland conservation
  • Design decision tools and programs that help coordinate management activities and align and direct funding to priority sites

Serve as a resource for decision-makers, resource managers and coastal stakeholders. Click to learn more

  • Create information materials on coastal wetlands for key audiences
  • Develop an information delivery strategy
  • Deliver information through a variety of means such as personal outreach, websites, and workshops
  • Support hands-on learning opportunities for stakeholders
  • Promote best management practices

Assessing metrics and evaluating progress helps inform the effectiveness of planning and strategies. Strategies may be changed if needed or new ideas added as opportunities arise. Click to learn more

  • Track progress against high-level goals using consistent metrics
  • Evaluate collaboration of the GLCA
  • Adjust management strategies, communication processes and governance as necessary
  • Celebrate successes