Government agencies at all scales - Tribes, First Nations, and Métis, Federal, State/Provincial, Regional and Local - along with organizations and businesses, are investing in protecting and enhancing the condition of existing coastal wetlands and restoring former wetlands to improve resilience and areal extent.


These investments allow agencies to provide habitat for fish, wildlife and plants, and benefits to our economy, health and culture.

GLRI funded wetland restoration at Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge, Saginaw, MI USA

©Doug Pearsall/The Nature Conservancy

What investments in coastal wetlands do

  • Protect high quality and vulnerable coastal wetlands to prevent destruction or degradation through fee title or conservation easement
  • Restore areas of former coastal wetlands by reconnecting to Great Lakes waters, replanting native plants, and other actions
  • Enhance the quality and resilience of existing coastal wetlands by controlling invasive species, restoring hydrology, and other actions

Programs investing in Coastal Wetlands

The US and Canadian federal governments, along with States and Provinces, have established programs focused on coastal wetland protection, restoration, and enhancement and enable their own agencies, local units of government, and private partners to implement actions in priority areas. These programs include (list under development):