The Northeast Wisconsin Stormwater Consortium (NEWSC) is a subsidiary of the Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance and is made up of 41 permitted MS4 communities working together to meet and exceed Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources stormwater regulations.

The Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance acknowledges that both the urban and agricultural landscapes contribute to water quality issues and everyone must contribute to the solution. A major component to the mission of the NEWSC is the Renew our Waters-Every Choice Counts outreach campaign. This educational campaign identifies changes residents can make at home to have a positive impact on local waters. Messages are delivered through community newsletters, in person through exhibiting at local festivals and presentations to area clubs, and through a school outreach program for urban stormwater education.

In addition to outreach activities geared towards the public, NEWSC also targets educational efforts to industries that have disproportionally high impacts on area waterways. This include erosion control training for construction professionals and winter parking lot and sidewalk maintenance for public and private contractors. The Renew our Waters-Every Choice Counts campaign also offers a variety of educational materials for nontraditional stormwater audiences like green houses, power washers, restaurants and more. These urban outreach efforts are funded through NEWSC membership dues.

These collaborative management and outreach efforts drive local progress for the Source Water Initiative’s first goal of protecting sources of drinking water from nutrient impacts.