Serve as a resource for decision-makers, resource managers and coastal stakeholders.

  • Create information materials on coastal wetlands for key audiences
  • Develop an information delivery strategy
  • Deliver information through a variety of means such as personal outreach, websites, and workshops
  • Support hands-on learning opportunities for stakeholders
  • Promote best management practices

How We're Doing It

  • Create information materials on coastal wetlandsfor key audiences. Members of the GLCA and partners develop and update resources such as the Michigan Natural Features Inventory’s natural community abstract, a fact sheet produced by Michigan Sea Grant, and the greater detail provided by Between Land and Lake, produced by Michigan’s Coastal Zone Management Program.
  • Develop an information delivery strategy. Working with Blue Accounting, the GLCA will identify representatives of key audiences and work with each of them to assess their information needs and identify the most effective means of communicating all aspects of coastal wetland conservation. They will establish a meaningful cycle for providing updates and identify desired formats for communication to audiences such as Great Lakes leaders and funders, resource managers, scientists and science funders, and high-level decision makers.
  • Deliver information through a variety of means such as personal outreach, websites, and workshops. The GLCA has conducted three workshops in the Saginaw Bay to Western Lake Erie coastal region in 2016 and 2017, including one in Harrison Township, Michigan. Information on tools and analyses completed by GLCA members and partners include online tools supporting coastal wetland conservation or restoration decisions, and supporting coastal conservation for ecological and socio-economic objectives.
  • Support hands-on learning opportunities for stakeholders. Members of the GLCA have hosted webinars and conducted hands-on learning during the latest stakeholder workshop.
  • Promote best management practices. Partners of the GLCA provide information on management and restoration practices, including the Phragmites Collaborative, and The Nature Conservancy describes a coastal wetland restoration project at the Erie Marsh Preserve in this video.

Saginaw Bay Watershed

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