Tracking results of early detection efforts targeted toward aquatic plant species at priority sites across the Great Lakes Basin.

Early detection efforts at Great Lakes sites with a high risk of new introductions continues to expand across the Basin. Dedicated monitoring efforts for fish and invertebrates are being led by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), with well-established programs in each of the Great Lakes. Access to reports with results of recent USFWS detection efforts can be found here:

The Nature Conservancy, with the support of and on behalf of a Great Lakes interstate team, is conducting early detection efforts for invasive aquatic plants at high-priority sites across the Great Lakes Basin. These efforts are helping to implement the Aquatic Invasive Species Interstate Surveillance Framework for the U.S. Waters of the Great Lakes (the Framework). Locations of these monitoring efforts are provided in the mapping tool below. Methods are presented below the map.