With shared goals and associated metrics now in place, we are recruiting “Showcase Communities” to provide examples of local strategies and investments that support progress toward reaching our shared goals. We are also compiling other data and information to measure progress. While the Initiative’s goals and metrics do not have the weight of law or policy, they do harness the power of committed professionals working together for a common purpose: protecting our drinking water at its source.

Source Water Initiative Working Group


Who's Involved

The Great Lakes Source Water Initiative is guided by a diverse, binational work group  of water professionals from across the Great Lakes region that reflects the breadth of interest and experience in source water protection.

This group includes agency staff from the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. They are joined by colleagues from the provinces of Ontario and Québec.

Municipal water suppliers are also represented, along with advocacy groups, business interests, and federal and academic research institutions. Work group members share a mutual understanding that through collaboration and collective action more can be done to secure a safe and sustainable supply of drinking water.

Where We Work

Our footprint is big—the entire Great Lakes basin and a portion of the St. Lawrence River basin. By starting big and thinking across political boundaries, Blue Accounting’s Source Water Initiative will weave together the patchwork of formerly disconnected efforts and show how source water is being protected by communities, states, and provinces across the region.

Great Lakes Basin Map