Blue Accounting is focused on effectively leveraging and sustaining our primary asset – the world’s largest freshwater system.

This requires an adaptive, issue-based process that links water-related management decisions and investments, in both public and private sectors, to desired economic, social, and environmental outcomes. A holistic and connected process will help us improve economic efficiency, realize competitive advantage, assure water security and enhance quality of life.

The economic and sustainable human use outcomes that Blue Accounting aims to achieve are:

  1. Safe and sustainable domestic water supply
  2. Flourishing and sustainable natural resource-based economies, such as agriculture, aquaculture, nurseries, forestry and commercial fishing
  3. Flourishing and sustainable water-withdrawing economies, such as manufacturing and energy production
  4. Flourishing and sustainable non-consuming water-based economies, such as recreation, tourism and shipping

Our pilot issues are exploring ways to measure progress towards these economic outcomes as well as environmental and social outcomes. By taking this approach, we hope to develop a system where Great Lakes ecosystems, economies, and societies support one another.

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