The Indiana Agriculture Nutrient Alliance (IANA) is a non-profit organization that brings together agriculture groups, government agencies, conservation organizations and academics working to improve soil health and nutrient management practices across the state. 

Indiana Agriculture Nutrient Alliance's goals and opportunities for education, collaboration, and research (IANA).

The IANA’s 14 partner organizations collaborate to reduce agricultural nutrient loss and improve water quality. The IANA has four focus areas:

  1. Establishing shared goals for statewide practice adoption that encourage fertilizer and nutrient loss reductions.
  2. Identifying shared opportunities for partner organizations to maximize awareness, support, and implementation of strategic objectives.
  3. Sharing information to develop best management practice educational materials for farmers and stakeholders to encourage fertilizer and nutrient loss reductions.
  4. Assisting partner organizations with pursuing collaborative nutrient-focused research and compiling outcomes.