Working together we can protect and restore the Great Lakes region as a whole.

Pilot Projects

The Great Lakes Commission and The Nature Conservancy are jointly developing five pilot projects to demonstrate how the groundbreaking Blue Accounting model works.

Aquatic Invasive Species

This pilot project will support and serve established regional efforts to promote collaboration and effective management of aquatic invasive species.


ErieStat will bring together water quality experts to agree on measurements to track progress toward the shared, binational goal of a 40% reduction in phosphorus loadings to Lake Erie.

Source Water

The Source Water Initiative will bring together water professionals from around the Great Lakes to develop and track shared goals for protecting drinking water at its source.

Coastal Wetlands

This pilot project will support collaborative efforts to conserve and restore critical Great Lakes coastal wetland habitats.

Maritime Transportation

This pilot will establish metrics and collect and present data and information to track progress toward achieving the goals set in the regional Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River maritime strategy.


  • Social values and quality of life
  • Safe and sustainable domestic water supply
  • Healthy aquatic ecosystems